Good Company Coffee

Branding, Print, Video, Web
About This Project

Two sisters reached out and shared their plans for starting a brand new coffee shop. It quickly became clear their place wasn’t going to be a stop for any ordinary Cup of Joe. It’s a spot to experience great coffee at a fantastic location, and in good company. The area invites you to take in the unavoidable beauty as a backdrop for a refreshing coffee experience. It’s their desire to offer an alternative option to the grab ‘n go coffee culture and that’s something I can get behind! Of course, they still offer beverages for the road, but why not take a break and slow down for a minute?

After meeting with these ladies and hearing their story, we planned a discovery meeting to really hone in on what motivates them, who their clientele is, and how we could translate all this to messaging, a tagline, and logo. From there we moved into the creative process and I was able to offer them a solid brand identity to roll out for their new venture.